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Exponential Deep Space

In-Situ Resource Utilization for Exponential Growth of Deep Space Industries

Asteroid Mining with Solar Energy

We design, test, and build In-Situ Resource Utilization.

solar energy Self-sustainability
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Space Robotics with Artificial Intelligence

We utilize artificial intelligence to design robotics in space industries

machine learning robotics
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Analyze and Investigate Possible Asteroids

We build the human readable astroid database

searching database share
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Human should and will take the next leap to become an interplanetary species. Building facilities in space is one of the key steps. Self-sustainable In-Situ Resource Utilization on asteroids lays down the foundations for space manufacturing.


Space Manufacturing Human Settlement in Space Research and Development in Space

Serving Earth

Improving Environment on Earth LEO Payloads and More Research the Unresearchable

Target Asteroids

Data Mining Community Support

Solar Furnace

AI Integrated Mirror Array Ground Experiment

Robotic Positioning System

Machine Learning Gamification Based Tagging


We use solar energy to mine asteroid. Solar furnace enables in situ melting and forming for structural materials. We then utilze the space robots to replicate the whole facility and grow exponentially.

Our Awesome Team

We are building the future

  • Preliminary/System Design
  • Target Asteroids
  • Electronics/Optics in Space
  • Concept Design
  • Robotics and Autonomous System
  • Metallurgy and Business
  • Government Relationship (LU)
  • Community Supports

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